21 Taras is a Buddhist goddess who embodies 21 aspects of femininity. She is a protector and guide for all women who strive for spiritual development.

The 21 Faces of Femininity:

  • Green Tara: healing, health, protection from diseases.
  • White Tara: longevity, prosperity, fulfillment of desires.
  • Red Tara: activity, determination, overcoming obstacles.
  • Yellow Tara: wealth, abundance, success in business.
  • Blue Tara: protection, victory over enemies, elimination of obstacles.
  • Vajra Tara: fearlessness, confidence, protection from fears.
  • Tara of Happiness: inner joy, serenity, peace of mind.
  • Tara of Selflessness: generosity, selflessness, helping others.
  • Tara of Wisdom: knowledge, understanding, realization of truth.
  • Tara of Liberation: liberation from suffering, samsara, the cycle of rebirths.
  • Tara of Enlightenment: attainment of Buddhist enlightenment, nirvana.
  • Tara Possessing Power: power, strength, spiritual strength.
  • Tara Concealed: secret knowledge, mysticism, clear vision.
  • Tara of Tranquility: inner balance, pacification, harmony.
  • Tara of Action: determination, purposefulness, will to win.
  • Tara the Mirror: self-awareness, honesty, self-development.
  • Tara the Mother: love, care, protection, motherhood.
  • Tara of Victory: triumph, overcoming obstacles, achieving success.
  • Tara the Precious One: spiritual wealth, generosity, charity.
  • Tara the Savior: protection from dangers, liberation from fears.
  • Tara of the Wisdom of Emptiness: realization of the highest truth, emptiness, the nature of reality.

The Significance of 21 Taras:

Protection: 21 Tara is the protector of all women, she helps them overcome difficulties and obstacles.

Wisdom: 21 Tara embodies feminine wisdom and intuition, she helps women make the right decisions.

Compassion: 21 Tara is the embodiment of feminine compassion and love, she helps women develop these qualities.

Spiritual development: 21 Tara helps women on the path of spiritual development, she teaches them self-awareness and self-improvement.

21 Tara is not just a goddess, but a symbol of feminine strength and wisdom. She can be a source of inspiration, support, and protection for all women who strive for spiritual development.

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