Big Offering Bowls for Buddhist Altar

Offering bowls are an essential part of any Tibetan Buddhist shrine. Available in a set of seven, these bowls may be used for offering pure water, the eight sensory objects, the five commitment substances, and so forth.


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The practice of water offering, in particular, is one of the easiest methods to generate merits for the success of our spiritual practice. Water is generally considered to be plentiful and freely available, therefore no sense of loss is experienced when it is offered. This in turn develops our generosity so that we may, in future, offer other substances as freely as we offer water. In this manner, the practice of making offerings to the Three Jewels represents the relinquishment of our inner desires and attachments to material objects. Enhance your daily water offerings with this traditional set of seven antique finish copper offering bowls.

Directions for Use

Making Water Offerings

  • Start with the offering bowls face down in a straight line on your altar.
  • Turn over the first bowl on the left and fill it with some clean water from an offering jug.
  • Turn over the second bowl and pour most of the water from the first bowl into the second, making sure to leave a small amount of water in the first bowl.
  • Turn over the third bowl and pour most of the water from the second bowl into the third, making sure to leave a small amount of water in the second bowl.
  • Continue in this manner until all seven bowls have some water in them.
  • Fill the offering bowls from left to right with more clean water from the offering jug. For auspiciousness, each bowl should be filled to one rice grain’s length from the rim.
  • Throughout the entire process, chant “OM AH HUM” continuously.
  • Adjust the placement of the bowls so that they are one rice grain’s length apart. Placing them too far apart creates the causes to be distant from the spiritual guide, while placing them too close together creates the causes to have a dull mind.
  • Light a stick of incense and purify the water offerings while chanting “OM AH HUM”. Visualise that they are infinitely multiplied and transformed into an ocean of nectar and offered to all beings in the merit field.
  • Recite a short dedication prayer after completing the water offering ritual.

Clearing Water Offerings

  • Starting with the rightmost bowl, pour the water into a clean bucket or other suitable vessel.
  • Dry the bowl using a cloth reserved for this purpose, then place it face down on the altar.
  • Continue in this manner from right to left until all bowls are empty and dry.
  • Throughout this process, chant Vajrasattva’s 100-syllable mantra or other purification mantras and visualize that your obstacles and delusions are being purified.
  • When not in use, offering bowls should always be kept face down or stored in a clean and dry place.
This Offering bowls is made of from copper alloy gold and silver plated with find hand carved with beautiful images. The carving details are done very finely. This finely hand crafted Offering bowls by the master artisans of Patan, Nepal.
Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 7 × 6 cm


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