3D Pancha Buddha Mandala Gold Plated With Stone


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 This artefact is a perfect representation of what the Nepalese handicraft can produce to delight our senses and strengthen our practice. Beautiful copper mandala handmade and painted with Buddhist symbolic colors. This very mandala was carved and engraved on several levels to display a greater depth.

This lucky mandala was handmade by a master craftsman in Nepal.

Masterpiece Pancha Buddha Mandala Gold Plated With Stone

Pancha Buddha Is Also Know As Dhyani Buddhas. There are five Dhyani Buddhas namely, Vairochana, Akshobhya, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha and Amogasiddhi. The word Dhyani is originated from the Sanskrit root word Dhyana, meaning meditation. They are not separate figures like Gautam Buddha, or other gods but are derived from the Sanskrit dhyana, meaning “meditation.” The Dhyani Buddhas are also called Jinas (“Victors” or “Conquerors”). They are not historical figures, like Gautama Buddha, but abstract figures that symbolizes divine energy of the universe or the cosmic forces.

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