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Buddhist Altar Set

Buddhist Altar Set

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Immerse yourself in a world of tranquility and spirituality with our unique altar set, created for your Buddhist altar. This set includes:

1. Seven Offering Bowls:

Size: height bowls - 6cm, width bowls - 8cm

Each of these bowls is crafted with great care and decorated with traditional Tibetan symbols, symbolizing well-being and spiritual development.

2. Butter Lamps Offering

Size: height lamps - 14cm, width bowls- 10cm

This lamp is designed to create sacred oil fire, which serves as a symbol of purity and enlightenment in Buddhist practice.

3. Bhumpa Set:

Size: height bhumpas - 22cm

Bhumpa are used to store pure water and amrita, which is considered the drink of immortality. They provide your altar with the necessary elements for rituals and ceremonies.

4. Serkyem Set:  

Size: height serkyem - 17cm, bottom serkyem bowl width - 15 cm 

In addition to the items above, our altar set includes a serkyem, a symbolic thread that is used in various Buddhist rituals and ceremonies to signify the connection between the practitioner and spiritual forces.

Each of these items is a true work of art, handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in Nepal. Their exquisite design and careful attention to detail add special depth and symbolic meaning to the atmosphere of your altar.

In addition, each item can be purchased separately. This set is more than just objects, it is the key to your spiritual practice and allows you to create a sacred place for meditation and ritual.

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