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Traditional Tibetan Ghau Prayer Box

Traditional Tibetan Ghau Prayer Box

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A stunning Tibetan Ghau handcrafted from copper and richly carved with mystical Tibetan animals and auspicious symbols. It is large enough to hold a medium-sized statue or extra large tsa tsa alongside holy items and blessed objects, and can be used as a portable shrine or placed on your altar.

Info about Ghau

A prayer box, Gau (also spelled Ghau or Gao), is a Tibetan Buddhist amulet container made of metal and worn as jewelry. As a small container used to hold and carry powerful amulet objects, the Gau is culturally equivalent to Latin American package amulets, African-American conjure bags or mojo hands, South American charm vials, and American wish boxes. As used in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and Mongolia, the Gau box usually contains a written prayer or a sacred mantra diagram such as the kalachakra. The prayers and mantras are usually hand inscribed or block-printed by a priest and they are always blessed before use. We also have small lockets, perfect for inserting your own prayer or memorabilia inside. The gao is used within this tradition as an amulet - a ritualistic object believed to provide protection from evil.
A gao box is often embedded with semi-precious or precious stones or coral. Turquoise and red coral are especially favored in the design of Tibetan prayer boxes. Other gems used often by the Tibetan silversmith are amber, lapis lazuli carnelian, garnets, amethyst, and even rubies, sapphires and emeralds.
The gao is usually worn around the neck and hung close to the heart. Within it is placed a scroll upon which is written or printed a prayer or sacred symbol. These scrolls are typically prepared and blessed by a Buddhist priest. In this use, the gao is not unlike a transportable shrine. In lieu of a prayer, the gao might also be used as a container for holding herbs, stones or other objects believed to have protective powers.
The Tibetan Buddhist might also place an image of Buddha or other deity inside the prayer box. A gao might even be designed with an opening that allows the person to view the image throughout the day. Alternatively, a cast form of the deity may ornate the surface of the gao.
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