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Butter Lamp – Banisher of Darkness

Butter Lamp – Banisher of Darkness

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Butter lamps are traditionally placed on the Buddhist alter as an offering. Butter lamps are offered during meditation practice or ceremonies with the wish that all beings be free of suffering and reach enlightenment. They They are designed to be used with a candle wick, and have a small indent in center of bowl for insertion. They are then filled with coconut oil, butter or vegetable oil.


This is a traditional butter lamp, a ritual implement used in Buddhist temples and monasteries throughout the Himalayan region. Clarified yak butter, or ghee is traditionally burned in the lamp, but vegetable oil is often used today. Butter lamps are believed to help focus the mind and aid meditation.

Offering lamps is also an important act for the Buddhist practitioner. Offerings are made to bring success and prosperity, to remove ignorance (lamps represent light and knowledge), and to bestow blessings on loved ones who have died. In temples and monasteries, hundreds of lamps may often be seen shining together before the sacred images, with each lamp representing someone’s heartfelt wish and devotion.

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