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Bell and Dorje - Highest Quality

Bell and Dorje - Highest Quality

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The Ghanta or Bell is never separated from the Vajra or Dorje. Both the Bell (shown) and Vajra contain endless symbolism. Holding the Dorje in the right hand symbolically connects us to the Buddhas (and especially our own Yidam). Holding the Bell (Ghanta) is like cradling the entire mandala of the Yidam. The Bell is wisdom and emptiness. The Dorje represents means and compassion.

The Bell and Dorje are virtually synonymous with advanced Vajrayana tantric practice. A Tibetan practitioner is rarely separated from these powerful meditation and ritual symbols - just as the Bell and Dorje should never be separated from each other. Even non-Buddhists might recognize the symbolism immediately - among the most widely recognized symbols used in Buddhism.

Height: 17cm

Diameter: 8 cm

Dorje: 10.8cm

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