Payments Methods

Last updated: August 26, 2021

Regular Bank Transfer

Currently we accept payments in currency

  • USD | Unites States Dollar
  • EUR | Euro Union Euro
  • GBR | United Kingdom Pound
  • SGD | Singapore Dollar
  • AUD | Australian Dollar
  • TRY | Turkish Lira

Payment instruction

- pay by bank transfer directly from your bank account. You can do this either:

  • online, through your online banking
  • over the phone, with your telephone banking
  • or in person, at a bank branch

Online just log in to your online banking, set up a normal bank transfer and add the details below.

!Remember - Set a transfer amount - exact as it showing in Shopping bag Total.


#2 Cryptocurrency Payment

Payment instruction to make a payment in cryptocurrency

All prices in our store are in US dollars, it will automatically converted the final price of your total purchase from the dollar to the cryptocurrency you have chosen. At the moment, we accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardana, Stellar, Ethereum Classic and others by request.

!Also you can make simple transfer by using store crypto wallets.

Receiving Store Wallets:

BTC: bc1qae53yajlu9kvxadyusx0km6rk5a82657820uzz

ETH: 0xaBF9241297952B51648BEd240f56BF31e5522409

XRP: ra2A3bZKmpFeP6ynHY1hz7KxHUzxPeq3xf