Basics of the Buddhist rosary: Mala as a path to concentration and tranquility

In the Buddhist tradition mala, is an important tool for meditation and mindfulness practice. These beautiful and symbolic stone or wood necklaces have a deep meaning and help the practitioner achieve a peaceful state of mind.

In this post, we will look at the basics of the Buddhist rosary and learn how it can be used to achieve inner peace and focus.

 1. What is a Buddhist rosary and how are they used:
 The Buddhist rosary, or mala, is a necklace of 108 beads, usually with one larger bead called a "guru" and a marker to mark the start and end of the cycle. The practitioner moves his fingers over each bead while repeating a mantra or doing a visualization, which helps to focus and balance the mind.
2. Symbolism of the number 108:
 The number 108 has a deep symbolic meaning in Buddhism and other spiritual traditions. It is considered a sacred number that represents the entire cosmos and all possible states of existence. Each bead on the rosary represents one of these states, and passing through all 108 beads symbolizes complete immersion in meditation and practice.
3. Practice using the rosary:
 Practice using a Buddhist rosary involves repeating a mantra or phrase that has a special meaning to the practitioner. For example, it can be the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" or any other mantra that helps to focus and calm the mind. With each repetition of the mantra, the practitioner moves his fingers over the beads of the rosary, helping to maintain attention and awareness during meditation.
4. Benefits of practicing using the rosary:
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 Sharpening and Improving Meditation Practice: Moving the fingers over the beads of the rosary helps to maintain attention and focus during meditation, making the practice deeper and more effective.
 - Calming the mind and relieving stress: The rhythmic repetition of the mantra and the movement of the fingers create a relaxing effect that helps relieve tension and stress.
 - Mindfulness development: Using the rosary helps to improve awareness and presence in the present moment, as the practitioner is focused on each bead and the repetition of the mantra.
 The Buddhist rosary, or mala, is a powerful tool for developing focus, awareness, and inner peace. Their symbolism and practical use make them an integral part of Buddhist meditation practice. If you are interested in meditation or want to bring more calmness and focus into your life, try using a Buddhist rosary in your practice. They can be a valuable tool on your path to inner enlightenment and mental harmony.
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