Tulsi means chaste, pure, divine, auspicious, superior, favorite of Lord Vishnu, and on a par with goddess Lakshmi. The Tulsi plant is found in almost houses in India. Together with the religious significance, Tulsi is popular for its medicinal benefits; it is also used in many medicines to treat different diseases and boosting immunity. In many countries, basil is an essential spice or food ingredient as well.

Each part of the Tulsi plant is useful & beneficial. From its stem, the beads are shaped to create Tulsi Mala that is quite popular for various purposes, such as chanting, wearing, and worshiping. Similar to the Tulsi plant, Tulsi Mala is a personification of auspiciousness & positive which it confers to the wearer. Many scriptures/Puranas sing the glory of Tulsi. It is said that fortunate people happened to wear a TulsiMala.

Tulsi means chaste, pure, divine, auspicious, superior, favorite of Lord Vishnu

Benefits of Tulsi Mala:

The benefits of wearing a Tulsi Mala are countless, yet some assured benefits experienced by people are shared below:

  • It fills one with positive & divinity.
  • Its quick effect is calming the mind and senses.
  • It relieves stress & anxiety, thus, makes you calm and balanced.
  • It connects you with the omnipresent, thus, you feel safe & secure.
  • Lord Krishna/Vishnu showers special blessings & boons on the wearer of this Mala.
  • It charms luck and attracts prosperity, longevity, health, and success.
  • The wearer of Tulsi Mala never experiences poverty or famine.
  • It improves your personality and strengthens your character.
  • Wealth, luxury, success & honor naturally/automatically come to the wearer of Tulsi Mala.
  • It enhances lady luck and helps ladies achieve all required to live an ideal life, such as beauty, happy married life, progeny, luxuries, and comforts.
  • It makes you honorable in circle & society.
  • It instill purity in thoughts and opinions.
  • It purifies the body, mind & soul.
  • It makes Mantra chanting successful; it also ensures success in all spiritual practices & worships.
  • It helps in accumulating virtues and dispelling the bad/past Karmas.
  • The virtues accumulated by wearing Tulsi Mala are more than thousands of Pujas, Japas, Homas, and donations.
  • It heals many diseases, especially related to the throat and brain; it also regulates blood circulation.
  • It is an effective remedy to treat skin disorders.
  • One who wears Tulsi Mala gets pleasures here and salvation hereafter.

Who Shall Wear Tulsi Mala?

Generally, anybody can wear the Tulsi Mala for overall success, however, it provides guaranteed results in the cases mentioned below:

  • The worshipers of Vishnu & Lakshmi or Lord Krishna must wear it to gain their special blessings.
  • People who feel stuck and unable to grow in life shall wear it.
  • People who are suggested to chant specific Mantras must use this rosary.
  • People involved in spiritual practices shall wear it.
  • People who are unable to focus on anything shall wear it.
  • People who remain mentally unstable and disturbed shall wear it.
  • People suffering from anxiety issues shall wear it.
  • People suffering from different diseases shall wear it to boost the healing ability of the body.
  • People who get unnecessary & negative thoughts shall wear it.
  • People who aspire wealth, luxuries, success, and comforts shall wear it.
  • People who want to develop focus shall wear it.
  • People craving peace of mind must wear it.
  • Ladies shall wear it for a happy married life.
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Intentions for this Mala: Healing, Love

How to Use Tulsi Mala?

  • You may wear it around the neck or wrist.
  • You may use it as a rosary for chanting.
  • You may keep it in the worship room.
  • You may keep it in the purse or pocket.
  • You may keep it under the pillow or on the side of the bed.
Rituals for Wearing Tulsi Mala – How to Energize Tulsi Mala:
  • In the morning, take a bath and wear clean clothes.
  • Take the Tulsi Mala in your hands and chant “Om Subhadraye Namah” at least 108 times or as per your capacity.
  • Wear the Tulsi Mala – prefer to wear it on an auspicious day.
The worshipers of Vishnu & Lakshmi or Lord Krishna must wear Tulsi mala to gain their special blessings

Preventions for Tulsi Mala:

  • Remove it before sleeping.
  • Remove it before taking a bath.

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