Rudraxis Store

was est. 2015

Buddhist Goods by family factories in Tibet & Nepal

We started in early 2015 as a supplier of famous Rudraksha & Bodhi bio-energy seeds from Nepal.

Now Rudraxis Store is online store and service where you can buy Buddhist goods made by local family factory of Nepal and Tibet.

Our assortment is Buddhist altar items, handmade statues, thangka art, ethnic jewelry, singing bowls, antique, herbal incense and more. Get items by request just send us requirements.

Store extra Services

How to receive service from Rudraxis Store?

To request any of the above services – just send us request, click the button “Send Request” and write a message, leave your email. Store Operator will get back to you as soon as possible.

Choose the item you want to be blessed by Lama – click “Shopping Now”

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